Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking Over Lollo #2

I have two major projects I need to get started one. One is a Mother's Day gift that will surely take quite a bit of time and the other is Lollo #2. Lollo #2 is in memory of my Elizabeth, my little angel. This bear is to sit on her memory box as a glittery winged guardian, so I don't want him to be quite the size of Katie's Lollo. However, I want to use the same thickness of yarn, which means I can't use much smaller of hooks. Here's what I'll be changing:

I'll only be using TWO hooks this time, instead of 4-5. Two is really only necessary, one for the bottom part of the body and the head, and one for the parts that taper off.

I'm not going to do double thick yarn on hands and feet. It makes them a bit too big and since this bear won't be played with roughly, there's no real need to double up both sides. Not to mention, the bear will have flowers in it's hands, so you won't see much of them.

I'm doing the hexagon/pentagon pattern differently by doing round 5 as either a single crochet or a half crochet. Right now I'm thinking of doing a single and then sewing them together.

If I don't sew these motifs together, this time I'm going to crochet the patterns inside out to get a smoother joining.

I may take out a round in the body and arms. I'm not sure about this yet as it may turn out a bit strange, but I may use the smaller hook on the head to shrink it a bit, then skip round three in the body and take one round off the arms to make them not look too long. I think I'll leave the legs go though, as they look a little short on Lollo #1.

I'm not sure what size hooks I'll be using yet, but probably the two smallest ones I've used last time if that's possible. This should be a true experiment, to see if Lollo#2 comes out looking alright!

I also need to find a pattern on how to make large angel wings with fingerling yarn. But, that's something to worry about much later!

EDIT: after much deliberation, and reading through other people's reviews (the ones who didn't use 6 tiny itty bitty hooks) I decided to use size 3.25 and 3.50. The most common variant is 3.25 and 3.75, but I want to make this as small as it'll go with these larger hooks, so I want the larger pieces just barely larger. We'll see how this goes! Starting now!

Oh, and these are the colors I chose (the small yarn is white and glittery, I'm going to use it for the wings and possible the eye motifs.)

and a rough draft of how I'm going to decorate Elizabeth's Lollo. The necklace will be a handbeaded string of rubies with a cross at the bottom, the rose at the ear will be crocheted and with the soft pink yarn that's leftover from Katie's bear to add a give a little sisterly addition, the wings will be crocheted out of the glitter yarn above, the earrings will be little wings on each side, and she'll hold a bouquet of beautiful flowers in her hand. I can't decide between which one I want yet though, there's three at Walmart that just jump out at me, so I'm going to wait until Lollo is more finished to decide...hopefully they'll all still be there!)



  1. I'm sewing mine together with the stitching on the inside. I think it looks ok so far, but I'll have to see after its all stitched together. m definitely eager to see how the one I'm going to make in the cotton yarn turns out! Anxious too see how lollo #2 comes out!

  2. Ooh, didn't know you already started! Keep me updated on your progress!

    Thinking I'll start on #2 tonight. I gave my fingers yesterday to rest, time to put them back to work again!

    Ive had about 5 requests to make and sell Lollos but I just cant imagine that happening unless I find a way to cut down the time of creation drastically. So much goes into these bears!

  3. After I sewed together a bunch of motifs, I realised I sewed row #2 to the base. now I have to rip it all out and wait until I get a few Pentagon's done to sew it back together. :/ depending how much you charge for your time, you could make some decent money selling them! I'm realising as much time as I spend on my projects, it's no wonder Etsy listings are priced so high!

  4. Ugh, I very nearly did the same thing today too! I was using the new check list they have for Lollo pattern, and I got it confused, did all the hexagons and started to sew. Now im working on two more pentagons before sewing the correct round to the base.

    I know, I'm much more understanding with Etsy prices now! Supplies + time really does add up quickly.