Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lollo: Day 5/6

Lollo is coming along now! Who would have thought though that one bear head would take so long? I had hoped to get it all done yesterday, but it took all of my time to make the 6 hexagons, 5 pentagons (or is it the other way around?), modified ear patches, the ears, and the nose! Today's plan is to get it all stitched together and stuffed. I'm sure with how odd the stitching is on this that it'll probably take me all day, so my current plan looks like this:

Day 6 (today): crochet head pieces together, stuff, attach to body. Make eyes?
(still trying to decide if I should go with embroidered, felt or plastic eyes.)

Day 7: make arms

Day 8: stitch arms together, make legs

Day 9: finish legs, stitch together

Day 10: put all body parts and finishing touches on bear.

So hopefully by Monday it'll be done. Trying to decide if I should jump right into Elizabeth's Lollo bear after that, or get started on my Mother's Day gift for my mom that I'm really excited about.

Here's what I have as of last night:

The body on the left, the stack (which I have all tied together so I don't lose any of the pieces) is all of the hexagons, pentagons, ear patches and the nose on top. The front two hexagons are the ears.

Off to begin crocheting!

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