That's my little girl! Katherine Isabelle was born on July 2nd, 2011 and she's already my inspiration for everything, but especially when it comes to learning how to craft - and all different kinds of crafts, from knitting & crocheting, to seamstressing outfits and costumes, to making tutus and hair bows. Basically I think she deserves to have everything cute just for existing! I'm excited to expand my knowledge in many different areas and begin creating things on my own again, and hopefully Katie will reap the rewards! I'm sure she'll be a beautiful but reluctant model for all of the things that I do make, and maybe we'll be able to slip her into a good enough sleep routine so that I can fit craft time in at least once a day or so (well, maybe down the road!)

Over the next few months/year, I'm hoping to test my hand at:

  • Crocheting baby flip flops, shoes, flowers and stuffed animals
  • Knitting tube scarves
  • Making tutus (girl size and teddy bear size!)
  • Making tutu dresses (girl/teddy bear)
  • Making ruffle dresses and pants
  • Tag Blankets
  • Hairbows
  • Curtains
  • Aprons
  • Flower clips/headbands/accents
  • doll/bear outfits
  • Sleeping baby diaper  cake
  • Baby or Family Quilt
  • Burnt Ribbon Flowers
  • Flower Petal Pillows
  • Lace Doilie Balls for flowers
  • Fleecey stuffed animals
  • Daisy Bloomers
  • Tinkerbelle/Fairy Costume
      And anything else I come up with on the way! Should be an exciting adventure!