Sunday, May 6, 2012

COOKING: Milk and Cookies Cake

I came up with this design last January and have waited until Tommy [the cookie monster]'s birthday to make it. It didn't come out the way it was designed, and the cake crumbled as I took it out of the pans, so it was disappointing but the cookies came out really delicious at least! Here it is:

CRAFT: Rapunzel Hat!

Second up in the Princess Line was Rapunzel! This was HELL to make, my nerves were shot doing all of the threading of the long "hair" and it took hours just to do the braids correctly, but I do like how it came out. These are also my first crocheted flowers in that style. I learned quite a bit from this hat! I'll be combining what I learned from both Belle and Rapunzel to make the future Cinderella hat.

CRAFT: Belle Hat!

To start off my Princess crochet hat Line, I of course did Belle! I'm not as impressed as I hoped with it, but maybe once it's paired with her dress I will be.

CRAFT: Minnie Mouse Hat

To kick of my Disney Princess crochet hat line up, I made Minnie as a practice round! She was super easy, no pattern needed. I should have made the white spots a little bigger, which I'll do next time but other than that I was happy with it.

CRAFT: Crochet Owl Hat

Been wanting to make one of these FOREVER! It turned out too big for Katie, but I'll be making her one later this week. This one fits me. This is one of the original ideas that inspired me to learn how to crochet, so it's nice to have completed. I learned quite a bit from it, and I'm excited to make more types of animals in the future (once or in between making my Princess line)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Crochet Beanie!

I'm FINALLY crocheting hats! I'm so excited, as for two years I've been trying to crochet just so I could learn how to make themed hats and stuffed animals for Katie and future babies. Here's the start of it - my first beanie!