Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Future Note

This post is a note to future me. Probably/hopefully year 2015 me.

These are for projects for our next baby. I've had the ideas floating around for a few months, and tonight I researched exacts and I donn't want to forget these things for when it's time.

Boy theme: Peter Pan/Puff the Magic Dragon/friendly pirates/dragon green.

Project: Personalized Taggie Blankie

Fabric from Fabric.com, ribbon from Ebay

Project: Baby Dragon Crochet Plush:
Baby Dragon in its Nblog full of free amigurumi patterns.
Dog, Simply Cute Crochet Pattern for sale (4.95)

Prpject: Pirate
Crochet Pirate Teddy by beautifwool on Etsy

Girl theme:

Either light purple or a scarlet/crimson color. Princess will be either Ariel, Alice, Snow or Cinderella.

Project: Taggie Blankie

Ariel fabric on Amazon.

ProjectL Blooming flower crochet

If an Ariel:
Crochet Mermaid Tail & Headband