That's my family! My very hungry family, that's only going to keep expanding (not in waist measurements but in members!)

When we first moved into our home, just Bill and I, I wanted to learn how to cook and bake everything. I wanted to be a great cook so my family would look forward to dinnertime, and an excellent baker so that I could make supremely decorated birthday cakes and holiday goods. Every day for months I'd make pies, cakes and cookies; chicken,  beef and pasta platters. I thoroughly enjoyed taking  basic ingredients and turning them into something good. It all seemed to come very naturally as well, my first time creations coming out as good as when I'd make them for a fifth or sixth time.

I took a break in my food making quest when I got pregnant, but I'm back at it again now. Last year our dog Sophie was my taste tester for dinners, and I'm looking forward to next year when Katie can be my dessert tester!

Things I'm hoping to experiment with in the next few months:

  • cup pies
  • strawberry pie
  • fruit pies
  • fudge
  • different flavored cup/cakes
  • icing
  • cake balls
  • cake hearts
  • decorating cakes
  • decorating cupcakes
  • pot roasts
  • fish fillets
  • soups/broths
  • ravioli
  • whole chicken
  • crock pot meals