Sunday, October 13, 2013

No Soliciting Painted Sign

Now that school is back in session, it means that kids are being told to sell things - which means lots of door to door "will you please by this, and this, and this?" every few hours every day. Last Monday I had a breaking point - FOUR people throughout the day came to my door, trying to sell all kinds of things that I have no interest in nor the money for. It happened to be a hot day, where I wasn't fully clothed and I was feeling very pregnant, so me peeling myself off the sofa while dogs bark like crazy and rush to the door (waking my toddler in the meanwhile) just so a mom of a child could once again plead their case to me was quickly becoming very irritating.

My solution came to me in a facebook reply - that supposively, these kinds of people are supposed to listen to No Soliciting signs. Whether they would or not, I quickly decided that it was worth the chance that it would work. I took to Pinterest and decided to combine a few cute ideas, then ran out to the store and bought the supplies. Last night, while watching my way through my netflix que, I painted this up. Since I was tired and watching tv, it's clear to see that not every line is quite straight, but maybe that makes it more eye catching.

I also added "and the baby is sleeping" at the end as 1) it's already true at times and it'll be truer later and 2) most people don't want to deal with a tired mommy that just had her baby awoken by someone trying to sell her something. If you're not going to listen the rest (and the Beware of Dogs sign I have in my window) then for your own self-preservation, listen to the baby sleeping part and stay away!

Anyway, here it is, slowly being surrounded by pumpkins (I have three giant pumpkins to put out there after I carve them...probably tomorrow.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homespun Dream's Week 6

Another week's blog post is up - matching brother hats, 2/3rds of a triplet set completed and a fuzzy baby polar bear!