Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lollo bear - COMPLETED!!

Lollo is finished!

I'm so proud that I stuck with it and got it done. There were tempting moments were it was taking so long and parts were frustrating that I just wanted to put it aside. There's only so many hexagons and pentagons you can make before you start going a little crazy! (I was up at 3 AM last night working on hexagons. I started timing myself - thought I was doing well until I saw that it took almost exactly 9 minutes for each one at top speed. Seeing how many I had to make plus all the putting together time...MANY hours went into this bear!)

I was so excited last night to get the bear done that I nearly stayed awake to keep going. Instead, I stopped around 3 AM after the very last hexagons had to be made. I stuffed them inside the feet pockets that I had already put together and then headed for bed.

The legs really were quite easy. The double yarn feet killed my fingers and were slow going, but beside that the legs were the easiest to put together, I think. The feet looked huge to me when putting them together but they look perfect now that they're on the bear.

I decided to do something different with the legs than what I did with the arms. With the arms, I sewed together half of the two hexagons (one on the shoulder and one on the under arm). With the legs, I did what I would have done with the button method, but without the buttons. It really doesn't seem like the buttons do too much more than what the string alone does. Now Lollo bear can both stand up and sit (though his leg joints aren't strong enough to stand him up by himself, he needs to lean. However, he can sit up by himself.)

I think my favorite thing is that Lollo bear is the same size as Katie. I think she may be about two inches taller, if that. How exciting later on, that I'll get to tell her how I made her that bear when she was the size of it.

Speaking of Katie, she LOVES it. As soon as she saw me carrying it around to take pictures, she started wailing her arms and asking for him. I stopped taking pictures, moved them down to the nursery and let her at him. She walked over, studied him for a moment, then gave him a big hug and giggled. How adorable! She likes walking back and forth to him and then cuddling up for a few moments. He definitely makes her happy, so it was well worth the time I put into him!

She wanted to be in all of the Lollo pictures once she got ahold of him, so some part of her managed to get into most of the nursery pictures!

Now that he's finished, all we have to do is decide on a gender for the bear (keep calling him he even though its so pink and for a girl and was meant to be girly) and decide on a cute name.

And one last one - me and my labor of love!


  1. Gorgeous bear! I've come halfway with mine so far.. A tiny bit exhausted...

  2. Thank you! It's definitely an exhausting project! I'm getting through my smaller Lollo much quicker luckily, but it's still A LOT of work!

  3. How lovely! well done on all your hard work. I have been wanting to make one for a while but wasn't sure, after seeing the look on your little girls face though I would say its well worth it :)