Monday, March 18, 2013

Lollo Progress and a tiny Easter Basket

Lollo now has eyes! I decided to go with felt eyes, as I thought they'd fair better than embroidered and safer than plastic. I also have started on Lollo's feet. I decided after the difficulty with the hands, that I'd do both feet at the same time. Which means this is going really slow! Double yarned hexagons take me forever with tiny needles. Once the feet are together, the legs will go much quicker.

Here's pictures of the last day or two's progress:
(the hexagons/pentagons are the toes, heels and one top foot)

And I did another project - great timing as well, as every part of it was on sale! Glitter tulles for 1.99 each and the basket for .99. I made a tutu with embroidery floss stringing them together and then glued them all to the rim of the basket. I added little white roses and a heart/wings pendant that were leftover from the Calvin's Hats. Whole thing took me about fifteen minutes, but I do love how it looks! This little one is for our Elizabeth.

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