Monday, March 11, 2013

Lollo Day 7

Okay, finally sickness is going away! Yesterday I managed to pull myself together, crochet six hexagons and then put them all together, stuffed them and made the left arm. I was a little worried honestly, as I could actually fit my hand and arm into this bear's arm! (It went up a little past my elbow.) It's definitely not a small bear.

Today I have to make six more hexagons and two double yarn hexagons (which for some reason just take me forever). The last hexagon of the arm yesterday was so hard to attach for some reason. I even pinned it down and crocheted along perfectly, counting each stitch and it still didn't come out right at all. I undid it three times before just "making" it work (which really isn't very hard to do in dire circumstances, I found myself doing it often to the bottom of the body. You really can't tell in the finished product unless you really want to scour each shape and count each side to see how many stitches are there. It might make you go blind first!)

I may just stitch on the last hexagon instead of doing the make do way this time, as I have no idea what goes wrong and how to fix it. But in the end, it looks just fine and probably holds the stuffing in better.

I am a bit concerned if this bear gets a lot of use. The stuffing does stay in, as long as no little fingers try to wiggle in the big holes. I wonder if he's hugged enough if the stuffing will start coming out too. The holes in the motifs aren't terribly big, but they're not tiny either.

Here's some pictures from yesterday:

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