Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 7 & 8...cancelled!

Well, maybe not cancelled, but definitely moved. Just when I'm thinking that I can bust out the rest of this bear before the end of the weekend, needing to only do limbs yet, I get hit with a nasty sickness. I managed to crochet two double yarned hexagons and put them together before I was taken over by fevers and instability. My poor half-paw is sitting beside me, asking "aren't you going to finish me yet?" It's true, I'm no longer feverish and I probably could handle crocheting, but I'm just too drained to handle this new way of putting together hexagons. So, my new plan is to work on at least the one arm tomorrow, and get this bear finished by Wednesday. For now, Lollo only has one thing added to her since last time - a big pink glittery heart ribbon around her neck.

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