Friday, March 15, 2013

Lollo - days 8-10

Being sick, I've been forced to go slow with Lollo (yes, that's right - I'm STILL sick! Over a week of sneezing, coughing yuckiness.) but, I've finally gotten both of his arms on and attached to the rest of his body.

The arms went ary , I'll admit. I'm not sure why. Both arms had a weird top hexagon attachment (the last one just wouldn't go on correctly both times, even though counting the stitches and doing it slowly says it should have went fine.) Then the paw of the second arm turned out noticeably bigger than the first arm - something I didn't notice until the arm was completely sewn up and stuffed. I managed to rig it pretty successfully, by just working with the method of how you do the eye indents. I also didn't notice until the arm was done and stuffed that second arm was wavy. I have NO idea why this could be, but the inner arm at the wrist actually seemed smaller than the outer, which should be impossible because each hexagon (double checked before sewing together) matched perfectly and were all the same size. Luckily, once it was attached to the bear, you couldn't really tell. I figure once it's played with, it'll probably look normal. It just was a bit odd while the whole body is stiff from not getting played with yet.

So, I did run into a few problems, but nothing major. I had to retry a few things and sometimes I just had to rig it, but Lollo looks great still and you can't tell where things went wrong (at least I can't.)

I bought the buttons to make Lollos arms jointed, but decided at the last minute not to. I decided against plastic eyes because of choking hazards, then realized I might as well stick to the "choking hazard free" bear and skip the buttons. Turns out, they aren't really needed, at least with how I did the arms. I took the inner top arm's hexagon and matched it the the shoulder's hexagon, then sewed with double yarn half way around the hexagon. I also sewed the under arm half way across the hexagon. This gives the arm security but mobility. I can still lift the arms and move them around without any buttons attached. Sewing around the full hexagon, as I had done with the head, I think would have made the arms too stiff and unmoving.

And last but not least, here's Lollo pictures! I put the bear on a glider to get a better idea about the size:

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