Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have a new mission for the summer!

Katie is going on a Disney cruise this summer and I intend to make most of her clothing for it. (She'll need new clothing for that stage anyway, might as well make it Disney themed!)

So far I plan to make 5 daytime outfits, 5 dinner Princess outfits, a Pirate outfit for Pirate Deck party and bows/ribbons to go with each outfit.

Most of the outfits I have planned are being drawn up from my imagination, though I may take some influence from pictures like these:

Pinterest is a wonderful thing!

So far, I have a few jumpers in mind (these can be worn over long/short sleeve shirts and leggings in case the weather fluxuates as we head up to Canada) and then princess outfits in Belle, Tink, and a few others, plus a Minnie Dress, along with a few dresses that have Disney fabric incorporated in them.

I'm hoping this will really help with my pattern making and sewing skills as well as make Katie quite the themed baby on the cruise!

I wish I could start now, but since she grows in leaps and bounds, I have no idea what size she'll be at 14 months. Hopefully I can just start slowly collecting the fabric and ribbons for the outfits awhile. 

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