Friday, March 23, 2012

CRAFT: Crochet!

I did it! I did it! I FINALLY figured out how to crochet instead of failing at it over and over for months. The key was, of course, starting off easy. I kept trying to immediately jump into harder things like hats and shoes and stuffed animals when I didn't even know how to do the basic stitches! I am now a master at the double crochet stitch, which is a basic for most patterns.

I started off with a granny square. Instead of making a multi-squared blanket, I stuck with just one and kept growing it bigger and bigger. I'm almost finished with it. It's in pink and green for Katie's first Easter.

However, it's summer weather and I don't want to make blankets. But I like the practice. So to make it interesting, I bought black, yellow and red yarn today. The colors of Mickey! I'm going to challenge myself with making a granny square blanket with a Mickey head in the middle and his colors interchanging through the blanket. I hope it comes out nice, as she may need a lap blanket on the cruise while she sits in her stroller on the cooler nights, and what better than a Mickey blanket? This girl is going to be fully decked out in Disney everything!

Since I'm still saving up money to hit a fabric sale, I figure I'll stick with the cheaper things to make her for now (besides that, I have to give her some time to grow! I'll start making the tutu dresses around summer, since they stretch more than the other clothing will so should fit her for longer.)

Pictures of my first blanket:

Here's when it was just a granny square at normal size:

Here it was by the night time:

I didn't get to take another picture yet, but it's about double the size now. I'm hoping to finish it tonight!

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