Monday, March 26, 2012

CRAFT: Double Layer Wrapped Leather Bracelet!

I love the look of wrapped leather bracelets. They're everywhere right now, you can find them in any catalogue and fashion magazine as they're beachy and fun and can both dress up and down an outfit. Well, I knew someone who made beautiful ones handmade and I went to her store to look into buying one. She wanted $40 for them because it takes so much time and the beads are expensive for it. Well, there was no way I could afford a $40 bracelet so I went about making my own.

My bracelet cost me $5. It's  not quite as fancy as others, but I think it turned out really pretty. It took me an hour to make and it was easy enough that I did it while watching tv. I also added a tassled end to it just to help secure that it would stay through the loop.

I have enough beads to make matching earrings to go with it, and maybe a matching necklace as well.

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