Thursday, March 29, 2012

CRAFT: Minnie Mouse Fish Extender

I made a Minnie Mouse fish extender last night. A fish extender is exclusive to Disney Cruises as something special that cruisers do. A fish extender is a vertical row of pockets in some fashion that is used in the FE program like a mail box, it's where gifts from other passangers are placed in. This one won't be for the cruise, as I'm not taking part of the FE program, but I thought it would be cute to make for Katie's Disney room. It was a practice one, as I want to make a fancy series of princess ones as well with tulle and organza to decorate their dress pieces.

This cost me less than $1 to make (can't beat that!) and maybe 30-45 minutes to cut out, hot glue and assemble. Katie refused to take her last nap last night, so I let her play on the nursery floor while she watched me make this. She enjoyed playing with the felt scraps as I finished each piece!

The pieces aren't perfect as I freestyled all of them. I had planned to print out patterns to trace onto the felt, but my printer wasn't working so I forged ahead without and eyed each piece instead.

Katie playing with her stuffed Minnie!

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