Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CRAFTS: tutu dress

The tutu dress is finished! Took me quite a few hours yesterday, though a lot of that was just indecision on color patterns. I had a problem at the store when buying materials, instead of just being able to grab white crochet bands, they were in color pairs and the white was paired to a dark brown, which wouldn't have worked with the dress at all. They also had purple there, so I decided to grab that. The purple came with pink - not my favorite color combination. But, what else could I do?

So yesterday I couldn't decide how to layer them to look correctly. I tried quite a few ways on Katie to see what I liked. I also had the problem of them being thinner than I remembered, so if I layered them like I wanted to so they wouldn't be see through when stretched, it would be a very small top. Fine for now, but the dress isn't for now, it's for later (the skirt is about five inches longer than her legs are!

I also had planned to sew them together. As a test run to see what I liked put together best, I threaded them through with pink ribbon to make them stick together - and ended up really liking the pink ribbon look, so I decided against sewing (would have been much harder anyway) and did ribbon.

The whole dress, from the 4 crocheted bands, the ribbon, the flower, the tulle, etc costed almost $10. These dresses cost over $30 on craft sites and aren't available in stores, so I think I did well. Really, I used leftovers from her last tutu on half of it, so it costed even less.

Here's how the finished dress ended up:

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