Friday, August 19, 2011

CRAFT: Supplies

Today I gathered the rest of the supplies I need to start making tutus. With only $8 left to spend of the money I have this week, I was hoping walmart would, for once, have some cheap craft supplies. Luckily, they did! I needed some thick ribbon to be laced through the tutu and for a big bow at the back - I grabbed 10 yards of classic, girly light pink ribbon to start off with for $3. I also grabbed 1 1/2 yards of 1/2 elastic and 3 yards of 1/4 elastic - the first for Katie and the second for her bear, for 97 cents each. The ribbon and the 1/2 elastic should be enough to make three tutus with, so that's quite a good deal. I also grabbed some big craft cutting scissors while there, since they were only $1 and the last big pair of scissors we had were destroyed by Sophie when she was a puppy (she ate the rubber handles! I still use these scissors, but they're insane to work with - definitely time for a new pair!)

According to Fed Ex's website, my package of tulle should get here around Wednesday. So hopefully by Thursday (depending on how Katie is that day) I'll be able to do my first tutu for her.

I also found some hot pink and sparkling ribbon spools that I want to get next time. I think they would look great combined into a tutu, with the sparkling one integrated into the tulle and the hot pink linked through the waistband. They'd also do well for hair bows, so hopefully I can grab them soon. There's also some fun ribbon in a $1 bin, maybe sometime when I go and Katie isn't asleep on me, I can sit and take a look through (of course the sale section would be on the bottom shelf!)

I'd love to make a trip to Hobby Lobby at some point, since their ribbon and fabrics are supposed to be cheaper than most other places and they always have coupons and discounts on top of it, but I most likely won't be going there any time soon, so walmart will have to make due for now, and I'll most likely have to put off my fabric crafts until I can find a cheaper place - a quick browse through walmart's sparce collection of thin fabrics told me that I wouldn't be affording anything there for quite a while, and I'd rather spend money on nicer fabrics. It's a shame there's no craft stores in this town!

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