Tuesday, August 16, 2011

COOKING: Last year's/this year's experiments

Last year I was really into pies (who am I kidding, I'm still into pies!) so I made lots of them:


Coconut Custard:

Blueberry Crumb:


Then there's the chocolatey things. Here's my Hershey Dark Chocolate Cake and my Triple Chocolate Cookies:

I also attempted a chocolate mousse, which sounded yummy, but ended up not being too good. Here it is on top of vanilla ice cream:

Chocolate Covered tux Strawberries:

Katiekakes: (chocolate cupcake with powdered sugar)

And then there's one of my favorite things I ever made, but will never make again because it took me roughly five hours to make: Cinnamon Rolls!

And in the world of cooking, I tried quite a few diffent appetizers and meals; deviled eggs, pizza, cheesy chicken parm, Taco Rings, Homemade Sauce, Eggplant Parm, Pasta bake, Chicken Eggplant sorrentino and a few noodley creations:

chicken eggplant sorrentino:

turkey stir fry:

Pasta bake with ricotta:

Taco Ring:

Homemade Sauce:

Chicken Parm:

That's all the things I have pictures and records of. Hopefully I can work on improving some of these and making more difficult things as well now that I'm going to be cooking again.

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