Monday, August 29, 2011


Cooking: I made a few things yesterday that came out really well (in fact, almost everything I made is already gone today! I didn't even get pictures.) I made, for the second time, a three cheese ricotta pasta bake. I modified the recipe a bit, adding different cheeses and mixing all the ingredients in with the noodles instead of layering like lasagna. It turned out really good, like effortless stuffed shells (took a whole five minutes to put together once the noodles were cooked!) It's definitely something I plan to make more of often.

I also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, since I didn't have enough chocolate chips to made plain chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate is getting so expensive now. The two combined tasted a bit strange, though that may have been because I combined two different recipes. However, they did turn out good - so much so that they're rapidly disappearing! I also made brownies, but they were gone within like three hours of cooking!

Crafts: I keep wanting, every day, to start practicing crochet, but Katie makes that difficult. It's really hard trying to learn something new when a baby is also whining. So while I'm waiting for a few quiet moments to start practicing that, I'm going to make a tutu dress for Katie for later. It's going to be a long tutu skirt with the crocheted top that's really popular right now. They're pretty expensive to buy, but pretty cheap and easy to make! I'm just waiting on a trip to walmart to pick up some  elastic crocheted headbands, a decorative flower clip and a spool of ribbon to make it. I'm hoping to get white headbands for the top and make light and dark purple tutu skirt. This won't fit Katie now, but hopefully in a few months she'll grow into it. I don't want to make just infant sized things, since she'll grow out of them before she can really do anything but lay down. The tutu dress will be able to fit her for quite a few months when she grows into it, since the top will be stretchy and the skirt doesn't have to stay ankle length. I'm pretty excited for how it comes out, since it looks great in my mind. I just hope walmart has white headbands, I can only clearly remember pink which won't work at all.

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