Tuesday, August 23, 2011

COOKING: Shephard's Pie & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Somehow, I managed to make dinner and dessert today, even though Katie decided that she was in no mood to be patient today! Everything I made was done in shifts.

Dinner was Shephard's Pie. I never made it before myself, but Bill loves it and it's a quick, simple thing to make. I did it as the recipe said, but I think it's missing something. Didn't taste quite as it should. Of course, I still think that if it's called Pie, it should be in a pie shell, but apparently I'm alone in that...

Cookies were harder to accomplish. I mixed all the dry stuff together, then held Katie. Once she would sit, I mixed the wet stuff and then held her again. Put her down, mix the two together, then put it in the fridge. I nursed Katie, put her back in her swing, and started baking the cookies. I got through two pan fulls before I stopped, picked her up again, and then made the last.

Despite how much time it took, these are the best cookies I ever made. They're especially yummy when warm and gooey, but still very good when cooled down. I'm very happy with them! Usually my cookies aren't quite sweet and they're missing something big. I added 1/4 cup more sugar today and that seemed to do it perfectly.

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