Thursday, August 18, 2011

CRAFTS: Gathering Supplies

In my eagerness to begin crafting, I looked through website after website to find good prices for spools of tulle. I finally found BBCrafts, which is a wholesale wedding supply company that serves many businesses - and since they usually sell in bulk, they have much cheaper prices than other places, especially the overpriced places around here like Joann Fabrics and Walmart. I also found some off-site recommendations for them so I wasn't just jumping into a sell site blindly. So today I ordered a few spools of different colors, and will hopefully get them sometime at the end of next week. Meanwhile on my next shopping trip, I'm going to grab two sizes of elastic (1/2 inch for Katie, and 1/4 for Bear) and some thick pink ribbon. Once I have all of these things, I'm going to work on a short ballet style pink and white tutu for Katie and her Bear. Hopefully that ends up going well, and I'll work on longer tutu skirts in different colors - I ordered bright turquoise, lavendar, hot pink, black, purple, white, etc, so there should be some neat combinations to make!

 It should hold me over until I find the ribbon that I like and with a good enough price - at walmart and Joann's I see one spool of ribbon costing 3-5$! I got 25 yards of tulle for only $1.50, so I'm assuming there must be better places to find ribbon for lesser cost, especially because I'm going to need lots of different kinds of ribbon. Hopefully I'll be able to collect quite a few spools soon so I can start making hairbows and flower headbands. I also want to get a hot glue gun soon, and thankfully they're not too pricey.

The hardest part about crafting isn't the learning, it's the gathering of supplies! So much can go into a single project. I can't wait until I have drawers full of everything I need so it's easy pickings for projects, but for right now I'm completely bare in the craft department and with only a small amount of money alloted to this, it's a slow journey to be able to afford everything I want to make. Fabric will be the toughest, as it's hard to find anything good on sale or cheap. The walmart kinds that I grab for a few dollars each tend to get eaten by my sewing machine because they're so thin, and I need to make layers for the dresses from the thinness. Maybe I'll just have to wait until Joann's have a fabric sale, or find a better place to buy. For now, I do have lots of clothing I need to go through and get rid of some, maybe I could upcycle a few things and work on those as projects.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I just thought of an awesome shirt-tutu combination that would work with just a few small alterations to the shirt (it's a shirt that I have absolutely no hope in ever fitting in ever again). It's not an infant type outfit though, so it'll have to wait a few months to be worn by Katie. I guess that's one upside of her growing up, there will only be more and more things that I can make her!

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