Tuesday, August 16, 2011

COOKING - Dinner 8/16/11

Just a quick update as Katie is laying on my right arm and attempting to fall asleep...

I worked on making fish fillets in my stillet today. i've only worked with fish twice before, once came out pretty smushy and gross and the other time without flavor. So today I tried again! Success! They came out a nice brown color and were very flavorful. I used butter and margrin (for the pan), lemon juice since we don't currently have fresh lemons (at some point I want to do a lemon fish bake!), celery salt, sea salt, black pepper, goya spice and onion salt.

I was disappointed that they all broke into halves though, I just couldn't get the flip right.

I put the fish fillets ontop a bed of spinach and paired it with parmasian noodles (not my own). I was pleasantly surprised, especially because the thought came out of no where, how good the spinach tasted with the fish. Definitely something to do again!

Here's how it all came out:


  1. If you decide to open up a little local bakery in 10 years, I will come in to start your doughs for you from 3AM to 7AM.

    I love the starting of the doughs, the first risings and the getting them ready on the shelf to be made into perfect delicasies ! But I am not into the whole baking and decorating thing, just the early dough stuff, that is my forte'.

    So I will come in and work for you at 3AM and work until 7AM and then I am going to leave and go fishing for the day. That way you can get your kid's up, gather up their homeschooling supplies so they can work at the shop, get them breakfast and have everything ready to open your shop at 8AM for the breakfast rush customers.

    I'll start your day with fresh doughs and you can take it from there with your fancy caliberations. Sounds like a pretty nice business venture if you decide to do it.

  2. That actually sounds good.

    I do have this all planned out, everything lined up in a notebook from how I'd advertise, what I'd do to bring people in opening weekend and how I'd sell things. I figured I'd do most of the baking and everything very early morning (like a 3 AM start) and getting it all prepared, then at like 8 AM waking up kids and bringing them up to the shop, where they can homeschool part of the day and learn about business and baking too, which would be a really neat thing to grow up around. Another reason why it would be really cool to have two girls first, too.