Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CRAFT: Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

So I impulsively made a sleeping baby diaper cake today. I saw them when I was pregnant and thought it was pretty neat, so I just grabbed some things I wasn't using (a pack of generic diapers in a size that Katie is outgrowing, a yard sale sleeper, an infant sized hat, etc) and made one today. It took maybe all of ten minutes? I basically just looked at the picture that I had saved on my computer and figured out what to do. It didn't come out quite as neat, it's a little bland looking and I haven't figured out what to put at the face yet (the picture I was copying off of had a pacifier, but I'm only using things that are already in the house. Maybe a toy, or a corner of a blanket?)

Either way, for a first try and just eyeballing it, I thought it came out pretty cute. Doesn't seem as cute in the pictures, but in person it's neat. It's nearly the weight of a newborn with all those rolled up diapers, it has a big diaper padded butt, and I shaped the diapers so you could feel the shoulders, arms, knees, feet, butt, etc.

Here it is, mostly finished aside from the finishing touches that I'm still figuring out.

EDIT: here's the picture I went off of. It used a onesie/sock combo instead of a sleeper, and it's in newborn size (mine is 9 m size!) so it's much smaller:


  1. Cute! Can I see the original picture, that you went off of?

  2. Hmm, won't let me post the picture on here. I'll have to put it in the original post.