Thursday, September 8, 2011

COOKING: Cake Decorating!

Just a little update here, I tried my hand at some cake decorating today. Only the second time I've done it, using a really old set from like the 50's or 60's that my grandmother gave me and isn't in the best of shape anymore. But it's definintely something and it's teaching me how to use tips, so it's something.

Now, before you say that I'll never make it as a baker and you wouldn't buy a cake from me, I admit the design on the cake is terrible. Probably because it wasn't planned out AT ALL. In fact, I didn't even know there would be cake decorating 30 seconds before I was putting it on the cake, as this was just supposed to be a yummy cake for tonight's dessert. However, Katie was being super good and before I knew it I was mixing up food coloring and darting it on the cake in flowers and waves.

The color came out terribly. It was supposed to be turquiose, and I thought blue and white would be nice, but it reminds me of a yucky color I'd rather not eat. (however, I will be eating it!) Well, it's better than yellow, orange or green. I would have went for a darker blue if I wasn't afraid it would start changing the taste of the icing too much.

I tried two different star/flower tip sizes and a wavey tip. I have no idea about the names or sizes of these yet, but I managed to get the hang of both of these before running out of icing. So this cake may not look good, but maybe if I plan one out and use these tips, the next one will.

Here's my practice:

And here was my lunch, roasted veggies:

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