Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I decided to try to make deviled eggs the way restaurants do it, with the designer swirl. The eggs peeled perfectly, which may be because I let them sit in the fridge for half a day beforehand. Once I whipped together the yolk mixture, I fed it into my cake design dispenser and capped it with a large tip. I realize now that I should have used the largest one, since the smaller swirls looks a little weird. The mixture also needed to be whipped, which I knew, but didn't have enough time for.

My icing dispenser already had a crack in it, and in the beginning of making these, it completely cracked. So I had to actually hold the tip on myself while squeezing this thick mixture into it. I ended up with very messy hands, and the dispenser was coated by the end. So...not so fun there, but it would have been a million times easier had it not broken.

I kick myself on that, because I was JUST at the Restaurant Store a few days ago, saw a lookalike of my dispenser for only $7 and didn't buy it because I figured I'd buy it when this one broke. Well I didn't expect it to break so quickly! Now I have no way of getting down there again, because when I do get down that way, I need to go to Petco, Ross's and the Party Store first in any time we'd have left over after a doctor visit or some other reason why we'd be in the area. (Cost too much in gas to drive all the way down there just to grab an icing dispenser!)

Anyway, they came out tasting great, but not looking quite like I had hoped. And two got botched up after the dispenser breaking apart all over them.

I also made a small batch of eggsalad (I usually double or triple the recipe, but didn't have enough eggs to do so. I made this a handful of times though, so it wasn't something experimental at all, but I figured I'd throw it in there. I love making egg salad and deviled eggs because combined, they take maybe 10 minutes to make.


  1. The only way I can get eggs to peel easily is to do it right after they cook. I let them sit in ice water for a few minutes then peel. If they stay in the fridge they never peel for me!

  2. Lol my eggs NEVER peel well right after, even after sitting in ice water. Sitting in the fridge was the first time I did all but 1 perfectly.