Saturday, October 1, 2011

COOKING - Oct 1st

Five Minute Chocolate Cake in a mug. It sounds delicious and easy. It drove me crazy at the idea in pregnancy. Finally I found the recipe again and I tried it.

Let me first say that it's NOT WORTH IT. By the time you drag out all of the ingredients (a five minute task in itself), there's no reason to make only a mugful of cake. You could just as quickly as easily dump all of the same ingredients into a bowl, just with biggest measurements, and you've got yourself a real cake. None of this tiny mug stuff where you need to make five to satisfy your pregnancy self. So that was my first problem.

The other one was, while the cake did rise in five minutes and was done, it was terrible. It didn't taste at all like chocolate, it tasted just nasty. So much in fact that I threw it out. I tried it three times (the first time was to taste, the second was in disbelief that it could be that bad, and the third was after I walked away, did laundry, and though there must be some good in it somewhere if I dug deep enough!) it went in the trash. Five minute chocolate cake ended up being five minutes of prepare time, five minutes of cooking, and then five minutes of trying to get the taste out of my mouth while mourning the loss of ingredients.

You know it's bad when the dog didn't even try to dig it back out of the trash as a midnight treat. Even she left it in there and she eats things like, you know, dirty diapers.

 So today's project is chicken wings. I'm trying a recipe that had over 200+ reviews on it and modifications for it, so hopefully it'll come out well.

So far, I covered them in a flour mixture and popped them into the fridge to sit for a few hours. Here's the wings all covered:

It has to come out better than the cake, so I'm optimistic.

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