Saturday, October 22, 2011

COOKING: Cake Decorating Attempt #2

I had my father-in-law over today because I needed someone to help eat all this cake! After staring at them for 6 hours, it was no longer very appetizing to me, and Bill couldn't eat them all himself (plus since they were girly wedding cakes, I didn't want to make him eat them at work). They both said it tasted great though. I didn't quite believe them until I ate part of the second cake - the sweet marshmallowy fondant combined with the simple vanilla cream cheese cake base tasted great - not overly sweet. I actually craved more through the day. Apparently once the fondant had sat over night, it turned into something yummy.

Anyway, once most of the cake was gone, I had a reason to make more. So before FIL even left the house, I already had chocolate cake in the oven. I had such high hopes for this one, it was supposed to be a nice simple cake, made in normal 9" round pans. But even after letting it cool for 2 hours, the cakes were stuck in their pans. I well oiled the pans and never had this problem, so I have no idea what had gone wrong, but they came out broken and crumbled. I pieced them together best I could, but not much could be done for it.

Still, the fondant had already de-cooled and i was determined to get another chance at decorating today. Besides, if I didn't, I would have had to make cake balls, and that was much more work. So instead I rolled out the fondant and used it as a wall to keep all the cake standing behind. I tucked the ends in so cake didn't fall out, even though that made the fondant not happy. Once the fondant was on, I smoothed it out (and the buttercream underneath as it tends to lump) then piped on designs.

I made the wrong color icing, as you can guess. That was not the color I was going for! I actually had wanted rose red as I had planned to try a rose on top. Instead, in my haste to finish because of the baby crying, I dumped the orange food coloring in, and quite a bit (as I had wanted a dark red color). Well, only when I was mixing and seeing it a yellow orange did I bother to stop and look at the lid and realize what I did. I tried combatting it with red, but it didn't turn the way I wanted it too. Fearing it would get worse and turn brown if I kept adding to it, I just stuck with this pumpkin-y orange color. It's just practice, and this cake was already ruined, so it didn't matter much at this point.

The pictures are below:


  1. The orange isnt bad! Just different. I know plent of people that would do orange on a cake :)

  2. Lol shame it wasn't carrot cake or I could have justified it.

    Actually I could go for some carrot cake...maybe that'll be next!