Monday, October 3, 2011

COOKING: Roasts & Muffins

Big day of cooking again! I don't even know where to put all this food!

First up, I had to use my beef roast that's been defrosting, so I broke out my crock pot and searched my cabinets. I found a giant can of cream of mushroom soup, beef broth and onion mix packets. I typed these things into google and found a great recipe. I flavored the beef with salt, garlic salt and something else, seared it, floured it, then put it into a mixture of the ingredients above. It's slow cooking until 11 PM.

(seared and seasoned beef roast)

Then I made my first ever muffins from scratch. I started with chocolate chips. As the recipe warned, they don't look elegant but they're yummy! They were on the small side and the batter was hard to work with but the taste is yummy!

I then grabbed my last can of pumpkin to make more muffins. I put some chocolate chips in it per the recipe, still waiting to see how that tastes as they just came out of the oven. It seemed like the best alternative, as I hate raisins or walnuts in things.

The best part about the muffins was actually the difficulty they gave me. It was a huge  recipe, and my large yellow pyrex bowl just couldn't fit it all. Katie was crying so I also had no time to play. I grabbed my Kitchen Aid mixer, plugged it in, quickly figured things out and dumped all the ingredients in and turned it on low stir.

I was amazed. The sight of this machine doing the hard work and turning sloppiness into beautifully mixed batter just awestruck me. What is this hand stirring stuff and WHY did I ever do it? I was so excited that I called my mom so she could hear the awesomeness of the efficient stirring. Yeah, that's how overwhelmed I was by my new toy. No wonder they get so much money for these things, they're great!  It will now have a permanent home on my counter near an outlet for easy stirring. I want to bake just as an excuse to use this now! I love love love it.

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