Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buddy's Baking Book!

My book came today!! My book came today!!

I couldn't get out of bed this morning for anything. We were supposed to visit the notary (something about the car, I just wanted a peek inside again) and to the store but Katie kept me up so late that Bill couldn't drag me out. And then I checked my phone and it said my book was delivered. Out of bed I ran, down the stairs and swung open the door to grab my box awaiting me. Then I jumped back into bed and looked through the pictures of what Buddy Valastro was going to teach me to make.

The book is written as if you're a new employee at Carlo's Bakery and he has to train you to bake. It's so exciting.

I'm going to need to invite people up or something though, because I need people to eat what I'm making. Bill has never been big on dessert stuff, and though he'll eat some, he doesn't make much of a dent. Since I don't want my butt to expand to the size of a doorway, I need others to help me out. So far I have Bill's dad as a volunteer (he's always been a big fan of my pies and cakes) and our Friend Chris, who goes to church with us every week. I guess this will be my start, cooking for people who come over and bringing things to holiday dinners. I just want to bake and then get rid of the food. Lol!

I have never in my life bought a book that cost more than $5. Never! I'd searh yard sales, book sales, goodwills and online to get it cheap. I like the idea of getting many good used books for $1 ray than paying $20 for a brand new book. BUT, the moment I heard about Buddy's book ($30 after preoder, almost $20 during it) I preordered it so fast that I got a receipt before I even finished reading then entire description! I waited impatiently for three weeks. So far from my reading, it was worth it.

Also, I got an extra smile today when I remembered that Buddy's bakery is on Washington st, as I also live on a Washington st. =D

Well, I'm about to continue reading. Hope I get to bake today, a cranky Katie is making me doubt it!

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