Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CRAFT: Sleeping Beauty Dress

Sleeping Beauty....this dress was a pain!

It wasn't a cheap Disney store dress I was working with. Instead, it was one of the really nice, well made ones, so I had to be extra careful to keep it looking adorable!

This had four layers of skirt, tulle and organza that needed to be greatly hemmed - I had to take about the length of my hand in. The skirt was satin - which meant that I had to do it without making pin holes through it all, and I had to do it by hand so there wasn't a glaring stitch all the way through half way up the dress. I'm pretty good with making tiny, invisable stitches, but it took hours to do all four layers. I couldn't do the tulle as well, so I just cut it shorter.

I took in the sides, took the length of the straps in by half, and fixed up all the pulled seams in the sleeves, as most of the fabric had broken away. This dress took me the longest of all the dresses, but I think it looks the best. Not so much in the pictures, but when I tried it on Katie (who would NOT stay still long enough to let me take a picture!) it definitely looked the nicest.

Sadly, I have nothing to pair with this dress. No fancy ribbons or hats, but I think the dress can stand on it's own.

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