Thursday, August 9, 2012

COOKING: Slow Cooked Salsa Chicken Wraps

Last night I did this recipe:

For once, I actually followed the recipe instead of just eyeballing it for a few seconds and then doing whatever I wanted. I had to follow this one though, because it was so simplistic. It took a few seconds to combine the ingredients into the crock pot, then turn it on. That was it. I put it on high for 4 hours. Once it was done, I shredded it and added sour cream (I LOVE sour cream, so I added a little more than what the recipe called for.)

While the chicken was good alone, I wanted a little more so on the wrap I added MORE sour cream, and lots of melted cheddar cheese (no one said this recipe was healthy! lol)

Mixed reviews here. Bill liked it, said he'd eat it again, but it wasn't something he raved over and he said it wasn't one of the meals he'd beg me to make again.

I enjoyed it. I thought it tasted a bit like something you'd get at Taco Bell, but fresher. As someone who enjoys Taco Bell, that was a good thing. Bill isn't into Taco Bell, or Mexican food, and he was surprised that it didn't have beans in it, as he swore he tasted them.

As a side note, I used Tostitos salsa. There's a very fresh salsa, something with the word Rose in it, that they sell at Sam's which is just incredible to work with. I think this recipe would be really spiced up with that salsa, but as Tostitos salsa is my favorite dipping salsa, I enjoyed this taste as well.

No pictures to this one - I made four wraps earlier and packed them away/ate them before I took pictures. I went downstairs a few minutes ago to make another one for lunch and to take a picture of, and devoured it before I could. Oops! But, mine looked almost identical to the picture in the link - just with sour cream in it.

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  1. Yeah-- we had mixed reviews here too. We liked it, would eat it again, but nothing to rave about. I liked that it was so simple! We did add rice to ours, and more sour cream! I think that it could use something else, but I haven't quite figured out what yet.