Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CRAFT: Minnie Mouse Dress

I found this dress at a yard sale this past April. It was hanging from a garage door top, and I saw it sparkling in the sun from two blocks away. I immediately had to have it! However, there were a few problems with it. It was a size 6, and I needed a size 2 (which is just about impossible to find, unless you want a short baby skirt instead of the full dress). The waist ribbon was very frayed and the stitching was gone on one side. This dress was quite a bit of work!

The skirt was double layered, so I had to hem each individually, making sure the bottom skirt was just a little bit longer. The velvet top was too long on Katie and bunched up terribly, so I lifted it into an empire waist. The neck hole was gaping on her and went down to mid chest, so I tightened it up at the seams and also put the puffy cap sleeves closer together. I took in the sides as well, so it would fit her snug.

About a month and a half ago, long before I started work on this dress and it was still hanging in the closet waiting for me, I found a flower at Walmart that was just perfect. I immediately said that it would look perfect with this dress. Katie actually grabbed it and wouldn't let it go. I was being cheap, however, and put it back.

I looked for it every week after that because I regretted not getting it. I never saw it. They had one and only one, and our Walmart never restocks.  I put it back in that area of the store, but not the exact place. Today, while making a quick run in the store, I found the one I had been carrying. I had put it back in the craft section with the hair flowers, not in the little girl section with the hair things. Well this time I couldn't pass it up so I grabbed it and paired it with the dress. It does look perfect with it and will be adorable in Katie's hair!

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