Wednesday, August 1, 2012

COOKING: Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

I have never made stuffed peppers before. In fact, I never liked the idea of stuffed peppers before. The idea of mixing rice and beef inside a green pepper just didn't seem appealing to me.

And then, I saw this recipe on pinterest:

They looked AMAZING! I broke down and decided to try them.

Typical to the way I cook food, I didn't actually follow much of the recipe, only used some of the ingredient list for inspiration. I'm not even sure what the actual recipe says, because I didn't bother to read most of it - I'm terrible like that!

I mostly acted like I was making tacos, with a little extra mixed in. I cooked my beef (I used about 1-2 lbs for 3 peppers), drained the grease, then added taco seasoning. I also put in taco sauce, but I have no idea how much - I just dumped in until it looked good.

I got black beans and rice in a can (because in the store I was at and since I was in such a rush, I couldn't find just black beans), drained them, and mixed them into the beef.

While doing this, I had my halved, seeded peppers oiled up in the best olive oil we have (Bill got us olive oil from the Italian market in Philly and it's the best thing I ever tasted!) and roasted them in the oven. Once these were done, I flipped them over and filled them right away instead of waiting to cool. I put as much of the beef mixture as I could into them, piling high, then took the leftover mixture and put it around the peppers. I added cheese right away on top, then put foil loosely over the top so it didn't burn.

This meal was so fragrant, it filled the house with a mouthwatering scent. Even better than how it looked or smelled was how it tasted. I regrettably did not have sour cream, but I'll make sure I'll have it next time as that would have been an amazing touch! These tasted like tacos, but better because there was no constant assembly for each one like tacos has. The pepper took place of the tomatoes and lettuce, and the beef, beans and rice were better than the normal taco beef I have.

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