Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hat Store is back in Business and...

Last year, my hat business did quite well. In just a few months, I had about 400 followers and made about $250. Not bad for just starting out. But when I got pregnant in November, I shut it down. I opened it briefly for charity work after my miscarriage, but shut it down a little afterwards. Ever since reopening it a few months ago, it was never the same. I lost over a hundred followers and had very seldom orders from all the months I had it closed. I decided I'd just be okay with that, it was a fun run while it lasted and I could try doing craft fairs and flea markets later on to reopen it eventually.

But then, something awesome happened. I got pregnant again, which is a blessing in itself, and with becoming pregnant and one time showing off a few hats I had made baby in my baby group, my store blossomed again. Just in the last two or three weeks, I made almost $100. I am currently working through $250 in orders, and the orders are still coming in frequently (I usually get 2-3 a week). This means three things: 1) my store is running and getting business again, and even more than it got last year with 400 followers, 2) I have multiple repeat customers who not only continue to buy my hats for both their babies and others, but they spread the word about me and rave about me online and 3) I'm going to be able to fully fund preparing for this baby just on my hat business. It's SUCH a good feeling to be able to make some money as a SAHM, and enough to actually pay for all of baby's needs, including a car seat, baby carrier, crib mattress, clothing, and other necessities.

Not only this, but I get to see babies due at the same time as our little boy wearing my hats that I custom made for them! How neat will that be?!

Here's some of my latest works:

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