Sunday, June 9, 2013

Creating Minnie/Gender Reveal Decorations!

I've been crafting every day for about two weeks now, preparing for Katie's birthday party. Like last year, it's very craft heavy again, but this time it's much more. I have so many fun ideas on how to incorporate her party with the gender reveal finale and have everything Minnie and Mickey too.

So far, I finished my Mickey garland. I'm still debating adding tulle poms on every other Mickey head to turn them into Minnie's, but we'll see. I like how they look now too. The black ones are for the front room, which will be exclusively Minnie themed, and the pink and blue ones will be in the second room, which will be pink and blue themed with Minnies incorporated.

I don't have pictures of the black ones, but they're exactly the same. 

With that done, I stopped at Party City and Walmart and grabbed a bunch of stuff for goodie bags! I only made four so far, as I also ordered a few things off of amazon to go in them and each one takes a few minutes to put together. I just need to grab my big blue and pink lollipops to stick in there yet! I just checked though, I don't have pictures of them yet, but I will once I have more made!

Next, I started the huge labor of Minnie Ears. I decided to hand make a set for everyone coming. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I bought a large stack of black felt, foam paper, headbands and lots of hot glue and started cutting circles for days. Once everything was cut, I started gluing and burning my fingers. As of this morning, I used almost all my supplies and got half of them done. While these aren't perfect, I love the idea of the foam paper, which really makes them stand up perfectly. However, each pair of ears cost one whole stick of hot glue!

Sticking with the Katie and gender theme, I made a set of blue pom ears and a set of pink bow ears as a way of everyone showing their guess of the gender to add a little more fun. Of course that meant I had to make mine special, so I got some felt that's new at the store and incorporated it into my pair, and made a special blue and pink pom to go with it.

Team Blue:

Team Pink:

My pair: 

Most of the headbands so far:

Now I have half of the headbands to go yet, and grabbing a few more decorations.

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