Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apron Prototype #1

I finally managed to finish apron #1! This is my first prototype for my bakery line that I'll be working on to sell. The pattern is my own and it needs a few adjustments, so I learned a lot from this project.
In my rush to sew around my baby's naptime (as that's the only time I can machine sew due to her big fright) I made one huge mistake - I had sewn the ruffled skirt on UPSIDE DOWN! I realized it way too late and didn't have the energy to undo the double ruffle and the seam, so I left it be as it's just for me.

I also made the ties extra long for one size fits all/ for it to fit me when I get pregnant.

It was originally double sided but due to some mistakes it's no longer, but the future aprons in this pattern will be. This one is now just heavy duty, which I need anyway!

Here's some pictures:

I'll be making a new pattern for my next apron, which will be more complicated and hopefully just a girly!

And here's my little seamstress in training (she's my ribbon manager right now!)

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