Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinteresting Through the Last Week

It's so hard to keep up with blogging my pinterest journey, as it's going much better than expected! Instead of doing one a week, I've been doing multiples.

Here's one I just did tonight - I took the picture for inspiration, so I can't say anything about the pattern as I didn't look at it:
Baby Chick Hat

and turned it into this for my store:

On Friday, I made meatballs, using this pinterest recipe (they were quite yummy! Maybe need a little more with spices though)
Meatball Recipe

In the last week or so, I've also made these:

Breadcrumb Spaghetti (quite good!)

White chicken and artichoke Lasagna (A new favorite!)

Cheesesteak stuffed peppers - this one is a mixed bag. The peppers override the taste, I'd suggest cooking the peppers thoroughly before stuffing them, I think it may help boost the other flavors more as they didn't stand out too much. Love the idea of this though

Crockpot Manicotti (Recipe was good, used ricotta instead of cottage cheese. These actually burned in my crockpot though even after using extra sauce, so I'd change the cook time and do it on slow.)

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