Sunday, July 15, 2012

COOKING & CRAFTS; Katie's Blue's Clues Party!

Katie's Blue's Clues Party, after a few months of preparing, has finally happened. It was a lot of crafting and cooking involved, so I thought I'd post pictures of the hard work!


Shovel & Pail

A giant Clue

The utensil/plate set up, with dark blue, light blue, and green colors

door fringe with clues

Party menu and fringe

Tissue paper pom pom

Thank you "dog bone" cookies

I used a pawprint stamp in gold glitter for these

Katie's high chair fringe

Blue's Clues Poster and Thinking Chair

Another giant clue

Streamers at the food table

The piano redecorated into the gift table with tulle puffs

Food labels that say "katie Belle's first birthday" on them

I wrote this below our stairs the night before

More tulle puffs

One of the many crocheted cupcakes I made for the thank you gifts. They opened up with thank you notes, cookies and blue's clue's character images inside

Here they are in the thank you basket

Nearly ready to go!

Decorated porch


Chocolate Chip cookies. Bill said they were perfect and my best ever. Of course, I didn't get any!

Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache
(First time I ever made Ganache - came out really well!)

Pail with "Sandy Pudding"

This is my failed cake. It had "Happy birthday Katie" written on the other side in icing between Blue's Clues ears. But all the fondant melted int he 95+ degree heat, and the ears sunk and pushed the fondant around, eventually collapsing part of it. I worked about 6 hours on it, so after some tears, I just turned it around.

The back up cake

Cake Balls - these were a big hit and were gone really fast!

The best Mac and Cheese Bill and I ever made (he had to help because I was having a melt down!), Sloppy Joes in my crock pot, and hot dogs off to the left.


  1. Where did you get the thinking chair?!?! I love everything! Wish I was as crafty as you are-- or had time/energy to do such things!

  2. Thanks! I worked over a month on everything. By the time the party was over, I was so exhausted that I took the week off!

    My dad and I built the thinking chair a few years ago. He built the structure and I seamstressed it. It's now become part of our house!