Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CRAFT: First Katie Dress

My MIL dropped off all of her crafting supplies that she couldn't take to her new, smaller house so I've been going through them and organizing them into my craft supplies. The moment I saw pink fabric with white daisies and little lady bugs on it though, I instantly knew that I'd somehow turn it into a dress. The fabric was very small, it didn't even wrap around Katie once and I needed it to be double layered, which it obviously wouldn't be. So I paired it with a bright, sunny yellow fabric that matched the insides of the daisies. I double layered the yellow fabric then sewn on the pink fabric onto it.

I then found some jean squares and cut them up as well for a cute swishy skirt effect. I triple sewn them together and sewn them onto the bottom of the yellow fabric securely. I purposely made it a size or two bigger so she wouldn't outgrow it before summer time, but that meant she couldn't wear it now. To fix that, I added a lace up back with matching yellow ribbon. This pulls the fabric in enough so it fits.

It's not very glamorous, but I basically took the small amounts of what I had and threw it together and just made it work the best I could. I did it really step by step, figuring it out as I went. I think it's cute, though very basic looking. The next one will hopefully be better.

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