Monday, April 2, 2012

CRAFTS: Belle Fish Extender WIP

Inspired by my Minnie Mouse Fish Extender from last week (which is a vertical row of pockets to put gifts in for the FE program on Disney Cruise ships) I am now making a large Belle one. It's A LOT more work than anticipated, but I am still hoping that I'll be able to do the full line of Princess ones for Katie's room!)
It's still a WIP, as I still have to do the bottom layer, glue on small roses and attach ribbon to hold the whole thing up, but I thought I'd share my progress as I'm pretty excited about it!

Yesterday's progress:

(Each yellow section is a pocket. Contemplating making the bottom into a horizontal three pocket one. The finished size of this will be 3-4 feet tall!)


Now I have to finish the last pocket (which will take very long as I'm handsewing everything thanks to Katie's fear of my sewing machine, and the tulle will take twice as long as putting on the upper pocket). Hopefully I'll finish it all by Wednesday though!

I can't decide if I want to sell Fish Extenders like this, even though I know some who'd like to buy them they're so time costly! The minnie mouse one was MUCH cheaper to buy and easy to make!)

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