Wednesday, January 18, 2012

COOKING: Icing Roses

I'm desperately trying to do roses professionally. The first time I tried them, it ended in tears. I then realized that the tip was pinched and thats why the icing kept coming out screwy and ruining my roses. I've since cleaned out my baking drawers and realized that I had another rose tip. So I tried again. I call these my real first attempt (they look plenty amature ro fit the name anyway!)

I really want to improve quickly, as I plan to make a Valentine's cake with a bottom rose border and a cake for our wedding blessing with red roses. I have about three weeks until Valentines Day to get these right!

Note: the actual color of the roses is a light pink. Not the weird peachy flesh color in the pictures!

All together: I picked them off the rose nail with a butter knife.
NOT A GOOD IDEA! But I was in a hurry.

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