Sunday, September 30, 2012

COOKING: Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

Pinterest Cooking Week again!

 Here's today's recipe:

Normally, I'd make the chicken strips from scratch as usual, but today I just didn't feel like fooling around with it so I grabbed some Perdue Frozen Chicken. Probably not something I'd do again as holy cow, that stuff was expensive! But it did make prep time super easy and short.

Another thing I was really pleased about is I finally figured out how to make crispy bacon. I always had limp, greasy bacon before and today I fried it up on high and it worked great. Yay, these cooking shows are finally rubbing off on me! I love how much I learn from them. Watching every food show possible multiple times a day makes the master chefs' words really ingrain inside my head.

Anyway, I heated up the frozen chicken while frying up the bacon. They got done around the same time (14 minutes for both) and then I heavily ladened the tortilla with cheese, added chicken and bacon and ranch, and fried up the whole thing. I didn't use the mushrooms as was suggested just because I was strapped for time, but I'm not sure if they would have meshed so well.

It did seem like it was missing something though. Sour cream turned out to hit the spot and ramp up a yummy wrap into something really really good.


  1. We cook our bacon in the oven. Crisp and even and no splattered mess!

  2. I've done the oven cooking thing, but it never comes out crispy enough. Maybe if I added a cooling rack to the pan, it would lift it out of the grease so it would get crispier.